PS4 vs. Xbox One

Hello everyone!
Recently I’ve been in need of some extra leisure time. So why not write an article about the talk of the moment: PS4 or Xbox One?

Forbes recently made two articles: one pointing out 5 reasons for buying a PS4 instead of an Xbox One, and another pointing out 5 reasons for buying an Xbox One instead of a PS4.

I particularly am a Sony girl. The only reason I currently play Xbox 360 is because my boyfriend has one. So my opinion can be a little bit biased on that point. But, come on!, which console comes with a ring of death that prepares your console for destruction? The PS3 was a George Foreman Grill that played games, what can be better than that? And also came with free online play, which could get you hacked, but since it’s free, who cares?

But this is supposed to be about the next gen, and the old one is long gone!

I find it interesting that consoles stopped focusing on graphics and power; however the two main brands on gaming chose two very different approaches on this next gen and we all remember who was the last one to laugh when Nintendo decided to do things differently…

Now the fight:

On this corner, our favourite, Sony with:


Sony decided to change their approach compared with the PS3 launch… Instead of focusing in power and graphics (which now doesn’t matter anymore as the majority of games is multi-platform; and was what caused the disaster that was PS3, as the price was too high and the quantity of games available too low) they chose to make their console more friendly to developers.

What does this mean?

Simply that it fixes all previous problems they had with PS3!

Developers will be more inclined to create games for PS4, will be able to make it quickly and therefore cheaply, and also will be able to let their creativity loose.. It will also allow PS4 to feature a number of games from independent developers that have difficulties launching games to other consoles.

The Good: it increases the chances of seeing more games for PS4 and allows Sony to get better margins on their games ( as we know less costs will not mean lower price).

The Bad: these games are probably going to be simplistic and not as complex as the big titles, and can even become a sophisticated version of mobile games. (After all look at the game they made a point of featuring on their launching event! I mean, don’t get me wrong, platform games are nice, but when launching the next gen I expected a little bit more…)

Other than that there are the oldies: power, exclusives, price (From £349.99) and the new controller, blablabla…

Anyway, what Sony wants to point out, not only to gamers but to developers as well, is: ‘come to us, we’ve changed!’ They are advertising this new change of approach like crazy (and probably that’s the reason to feature Knack on their launching event) and that is the basket they are putting all their eggs in. As if saying: We did this wrong before, let’s try to do it right this time!’

By the way, if you don’t like this new approach, blame the guy in the photo above. He was the one that made all these changes. Let’s hope he’s right, for Sony’s sake…

And on the other corner, our currently champion, Microsoft and:

Xbox One

Well, games, who needs them? That’s why we have PCs! On the TV people want to watch TV! (And more specifically, SPORTS!)

That’s what Microsoft must have been thinking when  developing the new Xbox…

Yes, we have an integration of your TV with the Kinect and voice recognition, which is very nice! After all, who never lost a controller and had to watch something they don’t even like because of that?

Also, if things work as demonstrated in the launch, the change from TV to gaming is made really quickly and smoothly (which as every PC teaches you will probably work fine in the first few months and after you put some Gigabytes on its memory it will become slower).

So, the interaction is long needed and I believe it could go even further and link with your PC as well. But having to stay online ALL THE TIME, with the fear of people spying on you (specially after the few scandals that happened recently), and a little camera connected with Microsoft 24/7 is not a very good idea…

And of course, then we have the usual… price, exclusives, controller, blablabla…

Yes, this time Xbox One is going to cost more than the PS4!

Other things:

At their launch, Microsoft wanted to ban game borrowing, all games would be registered on Xbox Live or whatever.

Actually, they explain:

‘”There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once.”
Xbox One game trade-ins to stores, however, will be up to game publishers.’

Which means, you will not be able to sell your own game! You’ll have to trade it in for pennies at stores. (In my opinion this is REALLY bad, as the price you get for used games is ridiculous compared to the price stores charge for used games, sometimes costing almost as much as a new one!)

Now, Sony’s console not only will be ‘lending’ free, it will also allow you to play old games! Not the ones you already have, but you can download previous titles… (I believe it’s better than nothing =/…)

That and a new connection with the PSVita that creates something similar to what Nintendo tried to achieve with their WiiU…

So, which one to chose?

The reality is that Microsoft could have been the clever one here again!

It understood that hard core gamers is a very niche market compared with the more casual gamer that some times will prefer to watch TV.

What Microsoft is doing is focusing on the bigger market, people that like to play games from time to time.

Its console already does the job when it comes to gaming, so now they are expanding their market so every household will have a reason to have an Xbox One in their living room.

All that while Sony improves its controller to instantly send updates to Facebook…
And even the previous advantage of free online play will come to an end.

No wonder some people expect Xbox One to outsell PS4.

Some even propose the possibility of a coexistence  between the both.

‘After months of marketing and making subtle jabs at Microsoft’s Xbox One, both Sony and its rival video game console manufacturer have showed signs they’re more concerned with the competition from outside the industry than from one another.’

Some say you can play your PS4 on your Xbox One…

‘One very interesting thing gamers will be able to do if they happen to pick up both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is use the Xbox One’s interface to play games on your PS4 (or Wii U, or even current gen systems.)’

This only proves the point that both companies are changing their game plans in different directions…

So, in the end the question between which console will rule the world of the next gen is simple:

If you’re rich, buy both!

Or neither!

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