My ‘blog’ has a ‘literature’ look to it.

Books on the background, me myself a lover and collector of books. My first university degree was in Portuguese Literature; I never finished it, but liked it nonetheless.

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So, I miss my literary self. I was never a poet, no! But always enjoyed reading and listening to stories, dreaming of someday becoming a storyteller myself.

Now they are only dreams. I reach for the conclusiveness of the business world. Business Management with Finance! And don’t get me wrong, I rejoice in the certainties numbers and maths bring to me. But I miss the ‘what ifs’ of literature.


There I learned that there is no right or wrong, it all depends in the perspective of the reader. And isn’t that so true in the land of reality as well?

How many of us pass our lives thinking of what is? And how many thinks about the what could be?

I am a geek by heart. Always with my science fiction, my RPGs, comic books, games, etc… Some would say I was running from reality; when they failed to understand that everything you read, play, act, and dream, you take with you to reality.


So what if I’m a dreamer? After all if you fail to dream you’ll never change anything. And I must say the world today doesn’t seem to be moving in the right direction…

So, I believe the world needs MORE dreamers! People that can actually think about how things could have been instead of simply accepting how they are!


After all, what is reality? We could all be stuck in the Matrix and not know it. People that sometimes are so unhappy with the way their life turned out can’t even begin to dream of how they’d like it to be instead. If they did, they could start working towards this dream. And even if they never reach it, just the journey would already be worth it.

Me? I am happy with my business. But I already have my dreams.

How about you?


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