Yesterday I ran a Development Centre at University

It was part of a coursework; me and 7 team members had to run a 3 hour development centre to first year students.

The main objective was to focus on 5 competencies for development and later we will write a feedback for each attending student.

To give the day a twist, and because since I’ve learned of it I’ve been trying to apply it to everything I do, I decided to add some gamification aspects to our development centre.

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and concepts to encourage and reward engagement. The objective is to reward and give the sense of accomplishment to end users for dedicating time to a particular task.

So for this particular project, since there wasn’t enough time for nothing too fancy, I decided to add some badges and a leaderboard to the activities of the day. To make things even simpler, we divided them in 2 teams, so it’s easier to keep scores and you don’t have someone who is more or less engaged that achieves too much or too little on the scores.


We also gave out fun badges to reward particular traits of each person. The badges ranged from first to arrive to most talkative person, and best sales person.

IMG_9560 IMG_9564 IMG_9563 IMG_9561 IMG_9565 IMG_9566

The objective was to ensure all participants were rewarded to incentive engagement.

We had a little trophy for the winning team and everything!

Winning Team holding their Trophy!

In the end, the day was great fun! The gamification allowed students to stay interested during the whole 3 hours of exercises, we had a short break of only 15 minutes, and I believe they learned more for it.

At the end of the day the students were required to give a 5 minutes presentation on what they’ve learned. All presentations were very good. I attribute this for the relaxed atmosphere, some did stagger a little but all were very good speakers.

Overall I was impressed by the engagement of the students. And their feedback was great too.

So I have to say I’m very happy with the results and I have my team to thank for as without them I couldn’t have done it.

My amazing Team!

And I thank the students as well! That were such good sports and did an amazing job yesterday.

The amazing First (and Second) Year Students!


Now I’m going to use this experience to write my University Dissertation!

Gamified Events!

Who has been to a conference and felt like something was missing? Some event managers now use game aspects to create engagement in conferences and other events.

What do you think of the idea?

Would you engage more if such mechanics were applied?

Please answer the survey below and I’ll post my findings here^^




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